Dr. Sam Awada’s Practice Is Located At The Premier Health & Wellness Center In Warren MI

Dr. Awada is a family doctor in Warren that practices sports medicine and family medicine at 30801 Schoenherr Road #100 Warren MI 48088. Dr. Sam Awada and his team of professionals strive to give you the very best in patient care all while offering an extensive list of medical specialties and services.Dr Sam Awada MD Endorsed By Beaumont Henry Ford Medical   

Dr Sam Awada MD Office In Warren MI   
Sam Awada MD Is Certified And Extensively Trained 

Experience, Resume And Curriculum Vitae For Dr. Sam Awada

Dr. Sam Awada was raised in Warren Michigan and graduated from Warren High School. He is now an experienced medical doctor and family doctor in addition to being an expert in sports medicine. Here is Dr. Sam Awada’s Resume:

  • Diplomate of the American Board of Family Medicine: Board Certified Family Medicine
  • F.A.C.G.S: Fellow of the American College of Geriatric Specialists
  • F.A.A.F.M: Fellow of the American Academy of Family Medicine
  • M.A.C.G.S: Master of the American College of Geriatric Specialists
  • M.A.C.E.P: Master of the American College of Ethical Physicians
  • F.A.C.P.E: Fellow, American College Physician Executives
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